Economy Class – Lowest Rates

We maintain our vehicles very well as we do have our own staffed mechanic to check vehicles, and address issues right away. This class will still have amazing quality vehicles however, they may not be the brand new body style or have the lowest miles as they have been in fleet for a couple years […]

Exotic Class

If you want to drive the best of our fleets availability on any given day with the best rates, this class is perfect. We have everything from C7 – C8 corvette, Tesla Model S, Jaguar XKR, Mclearean, AMG S63, AMG CLS55, Lamborghini, Bentley, and more added all the time. You will get any that we […]

BMW 328i M-Sport

The 3 Series range has always offered a little something for everyone. With the BMW 328i that might be truer than ever. The BMW 3 Series still offers one of the best driving experiences in its class. Tight handling, quick acceleration, and the BMW sports mode that has become world famous. That car sports a 240-hp, 255-lb-ft […]

Mercedes Benz S550

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is The Unmatched Driving Experience of The Decade. Simply Nothing Compares To The S-Class Mercedes-Benz S-Class Is The Unmatched Driving Experience of The Decade. Simply Nothing Compares To The S-Class

Lincoln Navigator Premier

Beautiful Lincoln Navigator with power 3rd row seating to fit 7 passengers and 1 driver. Tons of room for any family, group or executive who needs a little extra space. TV & DVD entertainment system for passengers, custom 22' wheels & tires compliment this luxury SUV. Adjustable steering & peddles give any driver the perfect […]

Mercedes-Benz CLS500

With so many gears at its disposal, the 306-horsepower V8 is never far from its sweet spot, a circumstance that makes the sizable sedan feel quicker than its horsepower number would suggest. Mercedes claims a 0-to-60-mph sprint of 6.1 seconds, a believable number. Responses from the advanced transmission are satisfyingly quick, especially when left in […]

Luxury Midsize Sedan

Save up to 30% when you rent with the class and you will get one of the vehicles in the class. Our vehicles in the class include Alfa Romeo, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes Benz C-Class and CLS Class, and similar sized 4 door sedans. You may also upgrade for FREE to our Lincoln Navigator by request.  […]

Mercedes-Benz S560

Mercedes-Benz S560 defines luxury! Fully equipped with intricacies that the common eye more times than not oversees the details that set this beautiful machine apart from the crowd. $132,000 MSRP and we are excited to let you share the experience of the all new S560 by Mercedes-Benz he S550 although aggressive in nature will have […]