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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

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The Fastest Most Luxurious Sedan In Production By Mercedes-Benz.

  • The esteemed S63 AMG Coupe MSRP $149,985 V8 BITURBO 608HP 🚀 You have all of the S class luxuries such as massaging seats, heat warmers, air conditioning in the seats.
  • Of course in the S class this goes for the back seats as well. The captain’s chairs alone cost more than $8000 a piece.
  • But you also have the raw power of the world class AMG series with with a 6.0 liter cranking over 600 horse power.
  • Ambient lighting with with your choice of 7 different color settings illuminate 6 sections throughout the car with over 300 LED lights it’s and for the 1st time since the Electric light bulb was introduced into the automobile the all new Mercedes Benz S class does not have a single light bulb throughout the vehicle.
  • Premium surround sound the likes of which you’ve never experienced in an automobile With capabilities of  connecting to your smart smart device or satellite radio.
  • Limited edition addition AMG black and red interior adorn is adorn the spacious cabin of of this all inspiring S63.
  • The moment you approach this vehicle you are captivated by a powerful yet elegant Yeah Sadie’s Benz performance silver.
  • It’s hard not to smile the moment you crank the engine the engine and here the raw power of this 6 leader AMG motor.
  • As you sit in one of the world’s finest automobile captain chairs and grip the handcrafted Foreman’s AMG steering wheel you know that you have now joined the elite.
  • Very few people ever have the opportunity the opportunity to experience Mercedes Benz AMG engineering at this level in their lifetime and we are proud to bring this opportunity to you and your family.