Frequently Asked Question


Frequently Asked Question

Have questions about how Executive Class Rentals works, No Problem! Check out a few of the most FAQ’s and if you still have questions feel free to contact our team today.

You must have an account to book a car. If you don’t have one, sign up now with a personal email address or your Facebook account, Google account, or Apple ID. (If you have an issue using Apple ID, log onto and remove Turo from the security settings.) To complete sign up, enter the number for a text-enabled mobile phone in your name. You must meet our age requirements to book and should review them before signing up. 

Requirements for booking a car differ slightly from region to region. But we ask all first-time guests in all locations for: 1) driver’s license number and expiration date; 2) home address; 3) payment method; and 4) photo of themselves for their  profile. In some cases, we may ask for additional photos and/or we may check your personal and/or business credit report, auto insurance score, and criminal background. When you create an account, you give  written instructions and permission in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act or similar laws to obtain this information.

You’ll be unable to book if you enter the same information (e.g, email address, driver’s license number, etc), as any other user when creating your account or requesting a trip. We have the right to decline your trip request and remove you from the platform because of your auto insurance score, criminal background, driving record, or any other reason. If we’ve denied you access to app, find out whether you can resolve your problem booking a car.