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Spending time under the sun guarantees you a wealth of benefits, from improving your sleep to lowering your stress levels! Springtime in Dallas delivers some of the year’s nicest weather, so jumpstart the season at one of these enjoyable destinations.   

Trinity Forest Adventure Park
Southeast Dallas

This hidden gem brings smiles with its seven acres of ziplining, ropes courses and other exhilarating activities! The courses, which are strategically designed to get you in the zone, challenge you to complete lower levels before advancing to higher levels. Also check out Groupworx, a program dedicated to team building and individual leadership development.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
Trinity Groves

Searching for an excellent view of the Dallas skyline? The iconic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge boasts a free and hard-to-beat skyline photo opportunity. This 1,197-foot-wide phosphorescent mammoth falls within the boundary of the proposed 200-acre Harold Simmons Park which will be the largest urban park in the United States once completed (ground breaking is scheduled for 2022.) When you visit, use your imagination and the park design images to envision the future!

Topgolf Mini-Golf Course
North Dallas

This award-winning mini-golf course features 54 holes surrounded by a well-designed landscape filled with waterfalls, streams and shade trees. Admission to one of the best courses in America is affordable for all ages and free for children six and under. When you arrive, expect your friends to stare in bewilderment at this enormous wonderland!

Turtle Creek Park & Dragon Park Gardens
Turtle Creek

Feel a sense of serenity without leaving the city center at these two well-designed parks. Turtle Creek Park presents enough open space to get comfortable and a creek to enjoy the sounds of nature. Just a short walk away, immerse yourself in the sculpture-filled Dragon Park Gardens. The gardens are frequented by those seeking a sanctuary for meditation and peace of mind.

Katy Trail

Weave your way through 3.5 miles of urban attractions on a path that once followed the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad! In addition to Turtle Creek Park, the prominent trail traverses Reverchon Park and highlights several photogenic overlooks and rest stops. You’ll also encounter worthwhile restaurants with patio seating, including Katy Trail Ice House!


Everything Is Bigger In Texas… Even The Outdoor Fun. 

Dallas Zoo
South Dallas

The largest zoological experience in Texas displays tigers, penguins, gorillas and dozens of other fascinating animals! On April Fools’ Day, Dallas Zoo will introduce flex pricing to let visitors create an itinerary based on their budget (no fooling here, this is really happening). Tickets cost just $8 on the first Tuesday of each month, also known as “Tiger Tuesdays”.

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