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BMW 335i Convertible

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  • This eye-catching BMW Mystic Blue with metallic flakes immediately commands the attention of anyone near.
  • 3.5l Twin-Turbo V6 with 300 hp is argued as one of the best motors BMW has ever put together.
  • The car handles like a dream as she grips corners with stunning grace.
  • Hardtop makes it quiet with the top up with the ease of push button convertible to enjoy the breeze as you crank the radio to your favorite songs.
  • We offer pick up service in one of our limousine coops as S550 Mercedes Benz or stretch limousine.
  • Two exhaust pipes peer out below the rear bumper; aside from the 335i badging, they’re the only tip-off to the turbo under the hood.
  • This coupe version of the latest 3-series is roughly two inches longer and sits nearly two inches lower than the sedan, as if gravity were more attracted to the coupe than the sedan.
  • The Sport package fills the fenders with 18-inch wheels shod with run-flat Bridgestone Potenza RE050As (225/40R-18s in front and 255/35R-18s in back) that stick to the skid pad at 0.87 g, again matching the M3’s performance.
  • Even with its firm sport suspension, the 335i remains compliant and manages to avoid the M3’s flinty harshness.